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Powerful tool for your business

Create your own loyalty programs for regular customers, attract new customers, and grow your business.

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Your own virtual coins

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Free to use app

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Two clicks customized loyalty programs

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Open and free to trade virtual assets marketplace

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Easy registration

To register for Disquid, you may use a partner login to sign up. Users can register their business via their Google Maps profile

Log in with your Google Account

Enter your store address on Google Maps

That's it! Simple, fast and business-like.

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Use Cases

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Jim is a finance student with a University in Toronto and is a big fan of a local coffee cart on his way to campus. He’s been a loyal customer for the past two years collecting his daily cup of joe on his way to another 8am lecture. One day, he noticed a sign by the cart promoting a new loyalty program through a service called ‘Disquid’. “Ugh, another app on my phone!” Jim was thinking, but he was pleasantly surprised how easy creating an account was. He was also surprised to find out easy earning collecting rewards were. He told the owner that he signed up for their new loyalty program, the owner knowing Jim is a loyal customer sends him free coins to purchase a free item. Jim sees the new coins in his account and uses them to purchase his daily cup of joe.
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Sarah is an intern at a Toronto law firm. A large part of her job is placing and collecting orders from a local deli shop for meetings and lunch for high level partners and clients. One day while picking up an order, she noticed a sign promoting a new loyalty program through ‘Disquid’. She downloaded the app and told her direct superior about the new loyalty program and with its use, could save the firm some moneY. Due to this, the firm started to use the shop more frequently and also used loyalty points to give to long term clients, creating new customers for the deli.
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Tim owns a Bar & Grill in Oshawa. Tim is always concerned about his bottom line and tries to save money when he can. One thing he does is he goes to different suppliers for his business needs. He has a different supplier for linen services, produce, cleaning supplies and so on. One day, his supplier for linen services told Tim about Disquid and that their linen service offers a loyalty program as well as a service for cleaning supplies. While a little more expensive than his previous supplier, he is told he would receive a discount for signing up and he would receive coins for using their services which could be applied for a deep discount in the future.
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